Activated Detox Kraut


A world first activated charcoal sauerkraut! This concept came about one late night at our facility as we were jarring one of our amazing krauts and drinking an activated charcoal lemonade. The idea came into our heads "can we ferment this"?

Long story short the answer was YES!

We married our original Garlic kraut recipe with the concept of black garlic, lemons, and black pepper. The result is a a wonderful kraut that is tangy upfront and finishes with an earthy umami flavor that sits on the back of the pallet. 

This is a PERFECT accompaniment for rice bowls, tempeh, salads, and any other savory foods you can think of. 

Our Raw Sauerkraut and fermented vegetable  products are fermented for 30-55 days using a wild-craft fermentation method with a pink Himalayan sea salt brine. That means we do not add a starter culture but utilize the natural bacteria (i.e. Lactobacillus acidophilus), that already exists on the outside of fresh vegetables. This fermentation process results in a tasty, raw, and probiotic-rich, product. Our wide variety of flavors ensures that something can be found for any palate to enjoy.

Green Cabbage*, Black Garlic*, Black Charcoal*, Lemon zest/Juice*, Black Pepper*, Himalayan pink sea salt
(*) indicates organic