120 Day Distilled Mushroom Tinctures

Our mushroom tinctures are triple extracted. First we ferment the mushrooms to make the Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, and Alkaloids, more bio-available. Second, we do a hot water extraction, because Polysaccharides are only water soluble. And third, we do 90 days in alcohol, because Triterpenoids are only alcohol soluble. It takes us around 100 days to make a tincture!

What Are The Benefits Of Mushrooms?

Mushrooms have thousands of years of therapeutic use traditional cultures; however, today, the literature is starting to emerge on both their mechanisms and full range of applications.

Welcome to Edible Alchemy :)

 Edible Alchemy is a small, independently ran and owned company. Our main focus is providing the public with amazing, local, consciously sourced, and intentionally created products to maximize optimal health and wellness.

We have small batch products that are OrganicVeganVegetarianKetoand Paleo friendly. 

In other words, we make really healthy products that taste yummy and help you feel AMAZING!

Whether you have a hankering for some amazing sauerkrauts, are looking for the benefits of mushrooms, or searching for the perfect yogurt replacement, We have got what you are looking for! 

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Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

Finally, a dairy-free yogurt option that not only tastes and feels like yogurt, but is affordable for everyone. Made primarily from coconuts, this yogurt is naturally vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, low in sugar/carbs, and loaded in probiotics!

Fermented Veggies

Our Raw Sauerkraut and fermented vegetable products are fermented for 30-55 days using a wild-craft fermentation method with a pink Himalayan sea salt brine. That means we do not add a starter culture but utilize the natural bacteria (i.e. Lactobacillus acidophilus), that already exists on the outside of fresh vegetables. This fermentation process results in a tasty, raw, and probiotic-rich, product. Our wide variety of flavors ensures that something can be found for any palate to enjoy.

Mushroom Seasoning

A mixture of Maitake, Oyster, Beech, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms blended in an all-purpose seasoning.  Try on veggies, soups, marinades, and even popcorn! Our seasoning not only creates a wonderful flavor, but adds all the amazing health benefits that these marvelous mushrooms contain. Our seasoning not only creates a wonderful flavor, but adds all the amazing health benefits that these marvelous mushrooms contain.

DIY Kits

Not everyone can make it to sunny San Diego farmers’ markets, to pick up their weekly supply of fermented goods, so we will come to you! From our kitchen to yours!


If you are interested in carrying any of our amazing products at your location please click the link below!


The 14 Mushroom blend is my daily fix!
I literally cannot get enough of that mango coconut yogurt!
I NEVER knew how amazing fermented foods were until I found Edible Alchemy!!
I cannot believe how versatile the mushroom seasoning blend is! You can put it on EVERYTHING!

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