We Have The Highest Quality Tinctures on Earth! No.. Really!

Our mushroom tinctures are triple extracted. First we ferment the mushrooms to make the Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, and Alkaloids, more bio-available. Second, we do a hot water extraction, because Polysaccharides are only water soluble. And third, we do 90 days in alcohol, because Triterpenoids are only alcohol soluble. It takes us around 100 days to make a tincture!

The Benefits Of Extracted Mushroom Tinctures.

Mushrooms have thousands of years of therapeutic use traditional cultures; however, today, the literature is starting to emerge on both their mechanisms and full range of applications.

Therapeutic Mushroom Powders

These beautiful bags are filled with the best Therapeutic Mushroom Powders on the market today. Our farm partners have been growing and extracting mushrooms for 40+ years and mushroom powders simply do not get any better then this. 

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