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Why We Triple-Extract Our Mushrooms

Since the beneficial compounds in raw mushrooms are “locked” within the cell walls, we process them to ensure bioavailability of those active constituents.* The cell walls of mushrooms are primarily made mostly of chitin, an indigestible material that also makes up fish scales, insect exoskeletons, and crustacean shells. Thankfully, each extraction method is the key to unlocking those different compounds to make them more bioavailable. Due to their unique biochemistry, certain compounds require a specific “key,” or extraction method.

We start with the highest-quality USDA Certified Organic and USA-sourced mushrooms. Then we spend 100 days (or more!) extracting them. First, we ferment them to boost bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids and alkaloids. Next, comes a hot-water extraction for the polysaccharides. Finally, we do a 90-day alcohol extraction for the triterpenoids and other beneficial compounds.*

Why We Use Fruiting Bodies & Mycelium

Simply put, mushroom fruiting bodies are the above-ground parts you can see (including the cap, stem and gills). They’re what you think of when you think “mushroom.” Mycelium are like the “roots,” hidden below ground and stretching far and wide. Both possess their own beneficial constituents, but most high-quality supplements use only fruiting bodies.* We use both. Here’s why.

Mycelium isn’t a dirty word — but it can be. Our trusted partner farmers take things slow when it comes to cultivating mushrooms. Each mycelium grows until it’s ready, no matter how long that takes. A longer growth cycle allows the mycelium to take over the substrate almost entirely. Once we harvest, less than 5% of the growth material remains. That means all mushrooms, zero fillers! The final result is a better-quality extract that captures the beneficial compounds found in both the mushroom fruiting bodies and the mycelium. When growers cut corners, rush the process and give the mycelium only weeks, the final product contains much higher amounts of the substrate (they are filled with mostly grain-filled mycelial biomass)!

Our mushrooms are grown the right way and extracted the right way — with the third-party lab test results to prove it! You can trust our full-spectrum, whole mushroom powders and extracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mushroom powder?

We make pure and potent functional mushroom powders.* Each one starts with whole mushrooms (both the fruiting bodies and mycelium) organically grown by our trusted partner farmers. (We use 14 total varieties, all organically grown in North America!) We only sell true full-spectrum mushroom powder, and we never use any fillers. All our mushroom powders have been steam-activated to ensure bioavailability of 1,3 Beta Glucans and other active constituents.*

How do you use mushroom powder?

Mushroom powders are a versatile way to add mushrooms to your everyday life!* You can mix them into beverages or stir them into foods. Feel free to get creative!

Do you test your mushroom powders?

Yes, we test our mushroom powders! They are tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins and more. For additional information, you can check out each individual product page, which will show the product’s COA (certificate of analysis) with the lab test results.

What if I don’t like a mushroom powder after I buy it?

It happens — and we understand! We have a 100% money-back guarantee on all products. Please just show proof you have recycled the packaging and you will get your money back from us.

Is it OK to mix different mushroom powders together?

Yes — mixing and matching is a great way to find out what you like. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. We call it “stacking” mushrooms. Get creative!

How do you process the mushrooms?

We steam-activate them! Raw mushrooms contain 1,3-Beta Glucans that are “locked” within the cell walls, so we have to process them to ensure bioavailability of those active constituents.* We carefully steam the mushrooms to activate and unlock the Beta Glucans from the chitin in the cell walls.*

How should I store my mushroom powders?

Since they are a powder, keep them in a cool, dry place.

Where do you get the mushrooms for your powders?

From trusted partner farms who have been working with us for over a decade! They grow the highest quality mushrooms using sustainable and organic methods. Our mushrooms are always USDA Certified Organic.

Can mushroom powders expire or go bad?

Yes, they do expire. Each product has a two-year shelf life. For questions about individual products, reach out to us. Email: hello@ediblealchemysd.com

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