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Edible Alchemy Wholesale

Thank you for considering our products for your location or your brand. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with you. At Edible Alchemy, we’re a team of formulators and mushroom enthusiasts who’ve been working with functional mushrooms since 2011 (that was long before mushrooms were “cool”). We’ve spent all those years perfecting our methods, scouring the latest scientific literature and vertically integrating our process from spore to bottle. We source the best quality mushrooms from trusted expert growers and extract them with intention and care.

Bulk Wholesale Mushroom Products

We offer competitive margins for all products in bulk for retail locations, online stores, restaurants and farmers markets outside of San Diego County. You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who will set you up for success! Our wholesalers are our partners, and we’re teaming up to share the best quality mushroom products! Don’t hesitate to reach out — we’d love to chat!

White Label Mushroom Extracts and Other Products

Some of our products are also available in “white label” form, so you can offer custom blends for your business or practice. If you have ever wanted to start your own mushroom tincture brand, have a skill set for slinging kraut or want to work on a custom project, we may be able to help!

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The Edible Alchemy Community's Impact

1% of every Edible Alchemy purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice. Check out the impact the Edible Alchemy community is making below.