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Choosing the Best Mushroom Tincture for You

As the world turns more to natural sources of healing, you might have many questions about mushroom medicine. How do you know what mushroom medicine is best for you? What is a tincture, and how can it help me? How much to take, and what are the different blends? There can be a lot of information.

Edible Alchemy is here to help guide you through the world of mushroom medicine, what they do and how they affect you. And we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the best mushrooms tinctures.


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What is a Tincture?

Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts. These super-concentrated extracts begin by soaking specific plant parts from fresh or dried plants, mostly herbs and mushrooms, in alcohol. The end results in an alcohol content that is similar to vanilla extract. This soaking method helps pull out active ingredients within the plants to concentrate them within the liquid.

Some studies show some plants have medicinal properties and other health benefits. For example, willow bark was the base in the original aspirin that was used for pain treatment. Tinctures are age-old treatments and a crucial part of traditional holistic medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration generally considers tinctures as a supplement rather than a treatment. This classification means that in most cases, their health effects are not well studied through the FDA


How to Choose the Best Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures


When you begin to consider if a mushroom tincture is right for you, there are some things you need to ask yourself to help narrow down your search. Each tincture has its own benefits.


Start by asking yourself what health benefits you are looking for:

  • De-stress. We recommend a Reishi tincture to help support a healthy sleep cycle, decrease inflammation and provide a calming effect. 
  • Brain Power. Lion’s Mane is excellent for mental clarity, reduces anxiety symptoms, and supports a healthy gut. 
  • Daily Multi. The fourteen-mushroom blend offers complete system support.
  • Energy. Cordyceps helps to support a healthy sex drive and helps to stabilize stress levels and blood flow.
  • Longevity. Chaga boasts the highest level of antioxidants and helps protect against stress. It helps to support and regulate blood sugars and decreases inflammation. 
  • Immunity. Turkey Tail contains powerful antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system. 

While medical mushroom tinctures are not a cure-all, they are perfect for supporting a healthy lifestyle and should be treated as a supplement.


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Is There a Difference Between a Blend of Mushrooms and Single Mushroom Tinctures?


A fourteen-mushroom blend and single-mushroom tinctures both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when you custom blend these powerful herbal supplements, they work well with one another to enhance the beneficial effects. Whereas when the supplement is a single mushroom, the individual impact is all the benefits that you reap.

While the blends do contain smaller doses of the different types, they are still very effective. Single mushroom tinctures will have higher concentrated amounts of their individual strain of mushroom. The single mushroom tinctures are perfect for focusing on specific goals to help support a healing environment. 

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Can I use More than One Mushroom Tincture at the Same Time?


Yes. It is perfectly safe to do so. Taking more than one type at a time is especially helpful if you are looking for higher doses of particular mushroom tinctures. Taking more than one kind at a time might also be more efficient for you than taking a pre-made blend. Mixing them is perfect for getting exactly what you need with nothing you don’t want.


How to Combine Different Mushroom Tinctures into Your Daily Health Routine:

Safe and effective, mushrooms do tend to work better when they are used together. So please do mix and match your mushroom tinctures. Combining different tinctures is excellent if you are looking for specific benefits that are supported by a particular mushroom. The single mushroom tinctures offer a higher concentration of those benefits.


Consistency is the key to maximum health benefits, so be sure to take both tinctures regularly. If taking two daily isn’t quite your thing, no worries. Edible Alchemy has plenty of multi and single ones to choose from.




As with most natural treatments, it is good to start small and go up over time. Each person reacts differently. Follow the recommended dosage of 1-4 ml daily. Most eyedroppers that come with these tinctures are roughly one milliliter.

It may take a few days to notice the full effect. That’s why taking it regularly is critical. Once you adapt, you can alter the dosing to maximize the impact. 

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Cycling is when you switch off between two or more different types of tinctures. So if you start using Lion’s Mane once you have finished that bottle, try switching over to a Chaga. Some theories say cycling allows your body time to rest between the different mushroom components. This also allows you and your body to focus on the individual benefits of mushroom tincture treatments. 

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Still Unsure of Which Mushroom Tincture is Best for You?


All of these mushroom tinctures offer some fantastic benefits, and you still might feel overwhelmed by the options available. That’s perfectly okay. We would recommend that you start with our 14 mushroom blend. This offers a complete variety of benefits and can be treated like a multivitamin. Just be sure to take it daily for the best results.

As your goals change and you feel more comfortable with mushroom tinctures, you can easily switch over to a single mushroom tincture. Make sure you give your body plenty of time to respond naturally to these supplements. You might not feel the full effect overnight. 

Mushroom Tinctures are a Natural Supplement

The world of medicinal mushrooms is growing, and tinctures are an easy way to incorporate this natural supplement into your daily life. Finding the best type for you can be exciting but be sure to check with a healthcare provider.

Looking for the best mushroom tinctures? Edible Alchemy offers triple extracted tinctures in a variety of options to help you reach your optimal health goals. 

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