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Worked so well, still making

Worked so well, still making booch!

Zachary M.



Felipe S.

I've been taking Mushroom Blend

I've been taking Mushroom Blend for months and I feel great

Nancy G.

There weren't any instructions on

There weren't any instructions on how to use. I know most Tinctures you place approximately 10 drops in water. That is what I did with your Tincture.

Patricia P.

I love all of your

I love all of your sauerkraut!

Marcia S.

Love this

Adds flavor to a thing I’m cooking, great for broths and stews

Cheri S.

Great tasting and yummy !!

Great tasting and yummy !!

Marcia S.

Great quality product

I really enjoy the mushroom blend and take a daily. My only recommendation would be to fix the tinctures as they do not fill up completely and it takes a couple squeezes to get the amount out you want it.

Cameron E.

These guys are great!! Quick

These guys are great!! Quick to respond, especially through social media! I’ve been buying their products at local markets for a couple years now and I have nothing bad to say!! Their seasonings are amazinggg along with all their other products! I highly recommend this company!

Ryley B.

Allergies and stress have caused hives, being cautious about using product.

Not ready to give a review because I'm not sure if the product had anything to do with me breaking out in hives the day I had my first dropper. The hives could have been due to other factors, but I suspended use until they clear up. Not sure if the tincture would help or hurt my condition, so I'll wait until I clear up before I try again.

Lynne H.

Pretty tasty as I recall.

Haven't opened yet, almost done with Beets.

Lynne H.

Coconut creamy

My husband and I are delighted to discover this amazing yogurt alternative. The best of all is that a close by neighborhood market sells it!!!!

Alexandra C.

Best blend of mushrooms !

Really like this ! Started with a small size, liked it so much I ordered the big one! I work in a health food store, so we have our share of mushroom pills and powders (too bad we don’t sell it here) shipping is quick as well.

Ann B.

The best kimchi I’ve ever had!

found the “kimchi Kraut” at the La Jolla farmers market while vacationing nearby. It was so tasty. It was a huge hit with my family. We use it with many of our meals. I live in NorCal but I’ve had jars shipped here because we devour it. Customer Service is amazing too! I’m about to try some other products because I trust this company’s quality and ethics! Thanks for making such wonderful and sustainable products.

Karen S.

Awesome product!

Just started using your turkey tail powder in my coffee so far I’m impressed with how I feel

Liz M.

Fast shipping, great product

Fast shipping, great product

Rachel R.

Coconut Yogurt

It’s the best yogurt around love it you have a superior yogurt nothing better on the market! Thank you fir making it!

Liz M.

Awesome products!

I have been trying multiple tinctures since the holidays and plain and simple I just feel better. More energy, more balanced. So glad I tried them. Keep up the great work and wonderful products!

Lisa M.

Legit mushrooms

Been on the hunt for a good source for lion's mane and other mushroom supplements. Tried a few different places, but edible alchemy's tintures definitely do the trick.

Devante S.


Love these drinks I look foward to trying the new flavors I was very impressed with the smoothness and quality! Great job guys

Ryan B.

Excellent product

I’ve been using turkey tail powder and Tincher for a few months now and I feel so much better! I also use turkey tail cream at night and love it! Recommend any of your products to other customers that are looking for mushroom medicinal health.

Liz M.

Great taste and super fresh

Great taste and super fresh

Julia R.

Great Product

I love this product and customer service from Edible Alchemy. will be getting more soon


Best Kraut

This kraft has a wonderful crunch, perfect sour and spice. I eat it every day with breakfast with eggs. Definitely addicted to the combination!!!

Debbie Y.

Best sauerkraut I ever tasted

Best sauerkraut I ever tasted, and I trust it to be free of added chemicals as in commercial brands.

Preston S.

Works great!

Going on my 3rd bottle now. Skin feels amazing.


Must have!

Stared using this tincture about a year ago and I make sure to never run out. At first I was skeptical if it made a difference in my every day life but I'm a firm believer now. The 14 mushrooms are essential for the mental health properties. For me it keeps my depression at bay so I'm able to function. Happy to have discovered this wonderful product!

Ashlee S.

Good overall

Good powder overall. It would be helpful to have more information on the amount of fruiting bodies and perhaps lab test information. Also, the bag is annoying. It is creased at the bottom and makes it very hard to get out last bit if you are using a small spoon.

Cameron E.

I love how clean and

I love how clean and natural these products are as I’m a Nutritional Therapist this is extremely important to me! I definitely feel the clarity and difference when I’m using the mushroom tinctures.

Vicki S.

Very Helpful and good product

Me and my husband discovered these tincture and have been using them for a couple months now, it has been a. good addition to our healthy regime vitamins we take.

Abena A.

Great Stuffs

Me and my husband discovered these tincture and have been using them for a couple months now, it has been a. good addition to our healthy regime vitamins we take.

Abena A.

Great Stuffs

I bought this for me and my wife. we love it!


Solid investment

I have used other mushroom extracts, and edible alchemy has a good product. I use the lions mane and reishi for sleep.

Arborguard D.

Great product!

I get great sleep using the Lions mane and reishi mushroom extracts.

Arborguard D.

Great ginger carrot sauerkraut

These carrots are crunchy and tasty!

Donna W.


helped a lot with sleep!

Jessica P.

Love this!

I’ve loved this product for years. Always found at LJ farmers market then with COVID I had a hard time finding it, since I don’t frequent other markets. I order delivery now. It’s a great tasting healthy yogurt.

Victoria M.


Haven't had it long enough to notice a difference yet but the taste is alot better than other tinctures I've tried

Morgan F.

Health & Vitality in a bottle

I love adding this to my smoothies and vitamin water for immunity and energy.

Tina C.

Must Buy!!!

As an athletic woman, I’m always looking forward ways to improve my performance and longevity. I generally flow toward natural foods and supplements. Never did I expect a mushroom tincture to be a part of my daily habit - until now! The red reishi and lions manes are so far my favorite. I immediately feel the effects and more so after the first month of taking. The customer service team at edible alchemy is also spectacular! Can’t say enough Great things - I’ll be ordering in bulk from now on. Above helping me get the best sleep, I can work out better and breathe better, hard to really explain if you have never taken. Try them!! You won’t regret it.

Dominica D.


I have been using 14 mushroom blend several years and love the product.

Roberta W.

Love this product

The company was very prompt on their shipment to Colorado.

Chip H.

Best customer service ever!

This is the best company I have ever worked with by far! I love all of the products I've tried (Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, and the 14 blend) and have stayed healthy through one of the worst colds my husband has ever had- not Covid because we both tested negative for that. But I feel great, I can focus my attention and have energy for the whole day. But when I had trouble with one of the bottles, they replaced it without delay and a lady personally changed the way my future products were packaged so that I wouldn't have the same problem again. Amazing! I really appreciate this product and company!

Karen C.

Great product

I just got my second bottle and really felt a difference using the first one. I put a dropper in my homemade kefir and I’m good to go for the day

Matthew G.

Wonderful mushroom!

I love this seasoning! Can’t wait to get more of it! It adds great depth to just about anything.

Joyce R.

Your microbiome will love Edible Alchemy!

I love Edible Alchemy products, all of them! After eating them I can feel a difference in my level of health. Nothing else matches the quality of their products.

Grace H.

Great tinctures!

These are fantastic concentrated tinctures! Potent but not overbearing. Great option to support the immune system! Thanks for producing awesome products! And the added bonus of cordyceps is wonderful because it’s rare to find.

Averi S.

Amazing product!

Amazing product!

Kyle R.

Great product

This is a high quality tincture. I have been using it every day. I add it to a small amount of water. It has a good taste.

Kelly H.

Best KimChi Eva

Love this kimchi for adding interest & flavor to my Asian-inspired dishes. Also great on its own!

Pamela M.

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