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Why You Should Not Take Lion’s Mane Before Bed

Natural healing is worth its weight in gold, but if you are new to medicinal mushrooms, there are plenty of new things to learn before diving in. Lion’s Mane has a lot of health benefits to offer, but you might not want to take it before bed. 

Contrary to some popular beliefs, this cognitive boosting fungi might be more beneficial if you take this supplement first thing in the morning. We put together this complete guide about how you should use Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms for optimal health. 

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What is Lion’s Mane?

The Lion’s Mane mushroom goes by many names. Houtou gu, or yamabushitake. The common name is from the shaggy trindles that resemble a lion’s Mane. Because these mushrooms help support healthy brain function, they have earned the nickname “The Student Mushroom.” 

Lion’s Mane mushrooms have a variety of uses, both medicinal and culinary. Most commonly used in Asian countries like Korea, China, and India. These versatile mushrooms can be consumed raw, cooked, dried, or steeped like tea as over-the-counter health supplements. 


Taking Medicinal Mushrooms for Health Benefits

Just like taking other types of mushrooms, these work best when taken consistently and long term. From day to day, you might not notice much of a difference because they need time to build up in your system to work. 

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Unlike some other treatment options like Xanax, it can take up to a full two weeks before you notice any substantial difference from the healing power of mushrooms. This is often the case with many herbal supplements. Many people give up after taking it a few times because they aren’t feeling the full effect of the supplement. 

Even though it may take weeks to reach its full effect, we recommend that you take these supplements daily for at least a month before evaluating how you feel. If you suddenly stop taking the supplement, you’ll most likely become well aware of how much it was helping. 

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When Is The Best Time To Take Lion’s Mane?

Everyone will react differently to medicinal mushrooms. The amount and strain of mushrooms will also affect how your body reacts to its treatment. In cases like Lion’s Mane, it might take a few weeks to see the full effect of the supplement. 

While some people find that Lion’s Mane makes them sleepy, this specific mushroom helps boost cognitive function. Reishi is another mushroom that is perfect for relaxation and is better for sleep. 

However, taking Lion’s Mane in the morning is the perfect way to jump-start your brain in the morning. A favorite way to add these mushrooms to their daily ritual is by adding them to your morning coffee. It’s a great way to mask the earthiness of the mushroom while remembering to take it daily. Adding it to your coffee also helps you stay awake throughout the day

Mushrooms growing on a tree root

A few mushroom extracts can actually keep you up through the night if they are taken too close to bedtime. So taking these early can make sure that you get a good night’s sleep.

The Amazing Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Traditional Chinese medicine has used the powerful benefits of the Lion’s Mane mushroom. They had noticed that these mushrooms offered powerful healing of the brain. At the same time, each mushroom has its own health benefits Lion’s Main has become the focus of many studies. Some studies have even focused on using Lion's Mane as a treatment for Alzheimer's.  

But did you know there’s more to this wonderful fungi? Here are a few other reasons you should consider adding Lion’s Mane to your daily supplements. 


Many illnesses have roots in inflammation. Inflamed joints can mean much bigger problems. Things like cancer, joint pain, stomach ulcers, and more can see early signs of inflammation. Lion’s mane extract has antioxidants and beta-glucans that can help reduce the effects of inflammation

Some tests that have been studied on animals have shown that Lion’s Mane offers a solution for things like irritable bowel syndrome, liver damage, and other inflammation-related illnesses.

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Stimulates Nerve Growth

Lion’s Mane has neurotrophic properties that allow the brain to heal itself through stimulating nerve growth naturally. These bioactive compounds have been found in animal studies that can help break up plaque within the brain and prevent news growth. 

Taking Lion’s Mane regularly can help prevent memory loss and even could be the start of a treatment for Alzheimer’s. Lion’s Mane could also help to prevent other neurodegenerative diseases. 

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Supports A Healthy Immune System

Many varieties of mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, and Lion’s Mane is no different. In fact, it’s one of the higher levels of antioxidants in the mushroom world. Clinical trials on mice have noticed that adding Lion’s Mane quadrupled the mice’s lifespan even after receiving a lethal dose of salmonella. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to have a healthy immune system to help keep you safe from illness. Because having a boost of your immune system can help avoid autoimmune complications and reduce the effects of age-related illness from inflammation. 

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

If you struggle with keeping your blood sugars level, Lion’s Mane can help you stabilize it. Foods and supplements that are high in antioxidants tend to help your body naturally regulate these levels. However, Lion’s Mane extract helps by helping your body absorb carbohydrates better for more level sugar readings. 


Mushrooms growing

Final Thoughts

As far as mushroom extracts go, Lion’s Mane might just be the king of cognitive thinking. By taking this supplement early in the day, it can help you stay alert and focus on the tasks at hand. Therefore adding Lion's Mane daily can lead to a healthier mental state and overall well-being. 

However, unlike over-the-counter medications, mushroom extracts are safe overall for everyone and don’t commonly have harmful side effects. 

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